What are Silver Servers?

‘Silver Servers’ is a play on ‘silver surfers’, a phrase used to describe older internet users.

With something like 15 million people in the UK aged over 50 regularly using the Internet and 95 per cent of UK children no longer attending a Sunday school, the aim of Silver-Servers.org is to provide a platform for the two age groups to learn Bible truths together.

We want grandparents to take the Bible to their grandchildren. To meet with them regularly and work through a course of fun and educational activity worksheets called Bibletime, and to help them learn and understand the stories of the Bible.

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The Lessons

Bibletime is published by Bible Educational Services and was originally developed by the Postal Bible School (PBS) set up in the Republic of Ireland by Bert and Wendy Gray in 1958. As the PBS grew and new PBS’s were launched using the same course material, it was recognised that an organisation was needed to constantly re-edit, redesign, publish and hold the copyright to Bibletime, and so Bible Educational Services was born.

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