How it works

The Lessons explained

There are lessons for every age group from pre-school through to high school, so there will always be lessons for your grandchildren.

The lessons are grouped into five levels, each level covering a three-year age range:

Level Age Range
0 Under 5s
1 5-7 years
2 8-10 years
3 11-13 years
4 14-16 years

Every level has three series (Series A, B and C) one for each year and there are 12 worksheets per series (one per month). Each worksheet contains four lessons, ideal for completing one lesson a week.

Everything you need is included within each lesson – there’s a bible story, activities and questions which you can then mark.

The lessons are self-contained so you can either complete the lessons with your grandchildren or they can do them on their own and then give them to you to mark.

You can download these worksheets as pdf files free of charge by visiting

The pdf lessons are in printer ready format so all you need to get started is a computer linked to a printer and a grandchild!

Suggestions on how you can use the resources

Choosing which worksheet

  1. Work out which level your grandchildren are on
  2. Print off the Bible Timeline for that level to see what the different lessons cover
  3. Plan which lessons you want to cover at a particular time e.g. worksheet 12 always covers the Christmas story, so you may want to do that one in December
  4. Then click the link and print off the worksheet you want.

Completing the worksheet

  1. Give your grandchild a file to keep their lessons (they may want to decorate it too). Put the Bible Timeline at the front and add each worksheet as you print them off
  2. We suggest you print just one worksheet at a time and complete one lesson per week, although you can do more or less
  3. Sit down with your grandchild and read the lesson story with them
  4. Then help them with the activities and questions
  5. Once completed mark it with them and little prize always goes down well!
  6. After four lessons, the worksheet will be complete and you can tick off or colour in the Timeline chart and may be have a celebration for completing the whole worksheet

Moving up

They don’t have to complete all of the worksheets in a level before moving up, use your judgement as to when you think your grandchildren are ready to move up to the next level

These are just suggestions of how to run the lessons, you may want to do it another way.

Please drop us a line and tell us what has worked for you and your grandchildren or if you have any questions.