Silver Servers promote the Bible lessons published and distributed by Bible Educational Services and used by Postal Bible Schools and other ministries worldwide.

Welcome to the web site designed for grandparents to take the Bible to our grandchildren.

Few of our grandchildren attend church these days and know little of the bible or understand the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On this web site you will find everything you need to give your grandchildren Bible lessons at home, so they can learn of God’s wonderful love and how precious they are to him.

Built from the heritage of Postal Bible School these lessons have been produced for over 50 years, are regularly redesigned, and are now used by churches, organisations and schools around the world to teach children the great truths of the bible.

Through this web site you have free access to all of our lessons so that you can teach the grandchildren you love how much God loves them too.

Spending time with your grandchildren reading the stories, answering the questions and completing the activities will, we pray, be a blessing to you all.

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