New Website!

New Website!

Twenty three years ago our daughter Ruth encouraged us to come and live near her in South Wales.  We gave this careful and prayerful consideration because we had enjoyed living and serving the Lord  in the Republic of Ireland for forty four years and we had to seriously consider what would be the future of the BES ministry.  I think Ruth and others thought that it was time to retire but it is now evident that the Lord had other plans and we praise him for all that He has done and the way that He has led us. 

We had passed on the leadership of the Postal Bible School in the South of Ireland to Noel and Liza McMeekin, and the PBS centres in N Ireland England, Scotland and Wales were operating under independent leadership, but we still had the responsibility of administering BES which we had set up to publish and produce the lessons for all the PBS centres and Sunday Schools, Bible clubs etc who use the Bibletime lessons. We began operating BES from our new home in Sully near Penarth  and the Lord opened up opportunities to expand the ministry into several European countries which was the beginning of the worldwide growth of the ministry.  In 2012 we  passed the baton of leadership of BES to Samuel Balmer, and the office moved to Enniskillen in N Ireland.  Full retirement was not yet to be,  for we continued to be ambassadors for BES.

Our grandson Steve McDonald had become part of the BES design team and operated a graphic design business. I asked Steve to design for me two websites to help us share our continuing passion to ‘tell the next generation the glorious works of the Lord’   was created to encourage and help others to use the ministries of PBS and BES to share the gospel with the next generation. I also wanted a platform to share other useful resources. was created to encourage and enable grandparents and parents to download the BES lessons and use them to help their own children to get to know the wonderful works of the Lord. 

This new edition of combines the above two websites and is also intended to build a network of Silver Servers to help us, and replace us, in the ministry of supporting the BES ministry in the UK as I think at 89 it is now time to prepare to retire. 

I would like to have an occasional, or regular, zoom event to discuss and pray for guidance from the Lord as to how a small, or large, network of Silver Servers could expand the outreach of BES in the UK.  Please contact me if you are interested. email: bertgray@me or phone 07966766508

Bert Gray