Postal Bible Schools

The PBS started by Bert & Wendy Gray in Ireland can now be contacted at and all PBS centres around the world are listed on

Postal Bible Schools use the resources produced by Bible Educational Services to run correspondence schools through the postal system, and to supply groups, Bible classes, schools and Sunday schools. There are a number of PBS’s spread throughout the world.

Students who enroll with a PBS will be sent a fun filled Bible lesson each month, the lesson they receive depends on their age and understanding. Each lesson is split into 4 studies so that one can be completed per week. Once the entire lesson is complete, it is posted back to the PBS centre for marking and feedback.

Joining a PBS is free, the only cost to you is that of the stamp to return your lesson.

Many PBS’s also run regular camps, weekends away and award evenings where you can receive prizes for the work you have done, or the marks you have obtained.

See for information about the first PBS in Ireland which was first called Postal Sunday School.